Harper Wilde Bras: Meet The Boost!

Let’s be honest.  We could all use a little pick-me-up.  That’s why we designed The Boost, your go-to for when your spirits and your boobs could use a lift.

The Boost isn’t your traditional bombshell, get-em-up-there, in-your-face kind of push-up bra. Instead, its cups have been carefully crafted with light padding and a lift that is natural, subtle, and most of all, comfortable.

According to our founders and fit experts, Jane & Jenna, the perfect push-up bra means finding a cup with a true fit. That means that your boobs should sit comfortably and fully in their cups, without gaping or spilling over the top. Unsure of your size? No sweat. Check out our Free Home Try-On program. Order a few different sizes and try them on, hassle free, at home to find your perfect fit.


Want to meet our other bras? Check out the Base for a lightly-lined every day bra, and the Flex for all your strapless needs.

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